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Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of all business.  If your cybersecurity is lacking it can be detrimental to your customers and your daily operations.  Even though most data breaches that you hear about happen to conglomerates, the people who bear the most brunt of these attacks are small businesses.  Thankfully there are measures to be taken to help keep your data secure.

Virtually every electronic device requires password protection now.  While it can be mildly annoying at times, having a password is actually your first mode of defense.  Using strong passwords and changing them every 30-60 days is the best way to utilize this defense mechanism.  Limiting access to certain websites is another way to help prevent cyberattacks. 

The best and most efficient way to help protect your customers and your company is to be one step ahead at all times.  Routers and firewalls that are capable of blocking various attacks need to be in place along with a continual backup running to ensure that your information will not be lost should an attack happen.

If you are ready to upgrade your cybersecurity or would like to find out more information, please contact a ProTel Support representative today!