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Cyber Attacks

The recent cyber-attack has made many businesses and consumers concerned about their cyber security. These distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks used a new malware known as Mirai to flood Dyn’s servers with traffic effectively stopping the use of many major websites on the east coast. Dyn is a host to the DNS (Domain Name System) that basically works as a ‘switchboard to the internet’ that allows ‘computers to speak with one another’. This company has found that hundreds of thousands of wireless devices have been infected with the Mirai malware and are working with law enforcement to remedy the situation.

This attack brings up important questions regarding your business’s security pertaining to wireless devices. With Fortinet firewalls, malware, viruses, and other harmful agents are blocked both from coming in and going out. With firmware and security consistently being updated, your devices stay up to date on any known threats as well as sandboxing unknown, suspicious threats.

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To learn more about the extent of these attacks, please view the article in the link provided below.