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A cybersecurity setup is never complete without a cloud backup solution.  Because most companies have their network equipment so intertwined, when one device stops working there is no telling how much important data will be lost.  Unfortunately, too many people still have the “It could never happen to me” mindset.  In 2015, BackBlaze found that only 8% of computer users were backing their data up daily, and a staggeringly low 9% were backing up on a weekly basis.  While that number has increased over recent years, primarily in thanks to highly publicized ransomware attacks, it is still very low. 


Due to a lack of understanding and a lot of bad publicity, the ‘cloud’ has a dangerous reputation with a lot of people.  They hear stories about people “hacking” various clouds and stealing information.  Unfortunately, virtually all technology is capable of being hacked into.  Keeping this in mind, the cloud solution is still the safest for your data. 

Here at ProTel Support, we don’t want our customers taking chances with their data. But we also want them to be comfortable with what they have.  This is why we offer a combined appliance and cloud backup solution.  It starts at 500 Mb and goes up to 4 Tb.

Don’t take any more chances with your data.  Contact a ProTel Support representative today to get started!