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Finding the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) for you and your business can be a grueling task.  Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision:

Is the MSP asking you what your wants and needs are?

All too often managed service providers want to sell you on every aspect of what they offer, even if it doesn’t truly benefit you.  Not all customers require, or even want, the same services in regards to technology management.  If someone is telling you what you need before asking for input, that should be a red flag.  A sign of a good MSP is that not all its customers are on an identical plan.  This shows that they are able to build a customer specific plan.

Does the MSP still allow you control over your own data/equipment?

Even when an MSP is involved, having control over your own data and applications is important.  If for some reason you decide to switch managed service providers, but their name is on various software applications, it makes the process much more challenging and you risk losing data.  While this may seem harmless, it is actually done intentionally by less than trustworthy MSPs.  Many customers will find it not worth the hassle to fire their MSP, even if they are unhappy with the level of service.

Is the MSP proactive enough?

In the world of technology, waiting until something breaks to fix it is not necessarily the ideal solution.  While some things can’t be completely prevented, you want a managed service provider to be as proactive as possible.  This will have a different meaning for different businesses.  For some, it may mean 24/7 offsite monitoring.  For others, it may simply mean weekly or monthly visits to run diagnostics and ensure nothing is out of place.  Regardless of your specific plan, being proactive is an important piece of any plan that is designed for you.

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