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VoIP is a phrase that is thrown around in the telecom world on a regular basis.  But what is VoIP exactly?  Voice-over IP (VoIP) is a telephone system that sends a digital signal over the internet through a VoIP server (similar to a PBX). This server can either be purchased and housed inside your business building, or you can purchase a service through a third party who would host the server for you. If your business does not have an IT department or a large amount of trunk lines, a third-party host can cut costs on infrastructure and maintenance. Another great thing about these servers is that they can be accessed almost anywhere (given internet access) and has high mobility, meaning you can take your phone number with you even if it’s a local number.

One of the best options available for a VoIP phone system is an Allworx Connect.  An Allworx system can seamlessly blend your in office work with your out of office work through their various features.  One of their most popular features is the Allworx Reach.  Reach is an app that can be installed on your iPhone or Android and mimics your office extension.  All office calls that would normally ring your office extension will ring your cell phone through the Reach app.  You can access your voicemails, call other office extensions, and call customers all through the Reach app.  It is an incredibly useful tool that benefits both small and large businesses.

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