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NEC SL1100

VoIP phone systems are becoming more common every day, but they are not the right solution for every business.  Many businesses are better suited for a more traditional phone system.  Whatever a customer’s individual needs might be, we at ProTel Support strive to implement products and solutions that fit those needs rather than trying to fit our customers into a specific product.

NEC has been a manufacturer of reliable phone systems for several years, and we are proud to have installed hundreds of their products.  The NEC DSX was their top selling line of phone equipment.  However, this line has been phased out and replaced with the NEC SL1100 line.  They are overall very similar, but the SL1100 phone system comes with upgrades and newer features. A great feature with the NEC SL1100 is that it can be “plug and play”, meaning we can get it fully programmed for the customer at our office, ship it to them, and they simply plug it in.  Our highly-trained technicians can offer remote support (if onsite is not an option) after the installation.

If you are thinking about upgrading your current system, call one of our ProTel Support representatives today and let them find a solution for you!