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SIP Trunks

Reliable and quality phone service is a necessity for all businesses.  Unfortunately, phone service providers know this and get away with charging more than they should. 

There are a few different options when choosing your phone lines.  You can go with traditional analog lines, fiber, or SIP trunks.  Fiber is generally not recommended because it is expensive and not beneficial for most small businesses.  Analog lines have been the norm for quite a while, but are starting to get phased out by SIP trunks.  This is due in large part to how easy SIP trunks are to implement.  Analog lines take up space and can create a mess along with all the other equipment needed for them.  SIP trunks are simple because they are phone lines that run through your internet (VoIP).  There is very little setup involved and they are much more cost effective.  This solution can even be utilized to include your fax.  However, if you prefer a traditional fax line they can be incorporated together.

ProTel Support offers SIP trunks starting at $15/month!  Contact one of our representatives today for more information and to see if your phone system is compatible.