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Unified Communications

Phone calls, emails, faxes, and text messaging are some of the most common forms of communication in both our personal and professional lives.  With an increasing amount of options there is typically an increasing amount of cost as well.  That is where ‘Unified Communications’ comes in.  ‘Unified Communications’ helps to connect all of your forms of communication to one device in order to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Not everyone is very comfortable with different types of communication technology.  They are all so unique, and some can be rather complicated and time consuming.  This solution helps to simplify all of that for you.  With ‘Unified Communications’ you can control all of your communication platforms with a single set of management controls.

One of the biggest issues facing most companies in all aspects of business is their budget, and unfortunately technology is usually on the lower end of the priority totem pole.  However, we are starting to see a substantial shift when it comes to IT budgets.  Communication is one of the most important roles in running a business so it can’t be ignored.  “According to a recent Harvey Nash CIO Survey, 46 percent of CIOs report increases in IT budgets in the last year to fund projects that improve the effectiveness of their operations.”  That number will continue to grow as more and more people recognize that technology is taking over all forms of communication.

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