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Nortel Phone Systems

Nortel products are becoming more obsolete with each passing day.  The majority of companies with Nortel systems have either replaced them or are preparing to replace them.  However, we still come across too many customers who have Nortel phone systems on the verge of crashing, yet are still resisting the inevitable.  If you wait too long to update your phone system it can turn into a frantic expensive mess.  There are a variety of potential problems with Nortel phone systems so it’s best to be aware.

There are multiple factors that contribute to the unavoidable Nortel extinction – but one of the main problems is their system programming.  All Nortel phone systems were designed with a serious flaw: extreme system programming failure with age.  This flaw carries the potential of losing all of your programming due to any interruption in electricity (i.e. small surge, power outage).  Their power supplies are also very problematic.  Because of the way it converts the electrical currents it can overheat very quickly.  As soon as that happens you will be without a phone system until you can get another power supply. 

Another huge downside to any Nortel is dealing with repairs.  Because Nortel products are not being made anymore all replacement equipment has been previously used.  Whether that be a new phone, system card, or power supply you are not able to purchase new Nortel equipment – so you’re really just putting a band-aid on and hoping it sticks.  And as we all know, you can only put so many band-aids on something before it all falls apart.  A second obstacle with Nortel repairs lies in finding a technician well versed in their phone systems.  Because they are an older system, the number of knowledgeable Nortel technicians continues to decline.  If something should go wrong with your system, even if the problem is fixable, you run the chance that you won’t be able to find someone who can fix it correctly.

Even though buying a new phone system can be a bit expensive, you will save yourself a lot of money in the long run by taking care of it now.

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