PS Voice/SIP Service

SIP VoIP Service

How Do SIP and VoIP Work Together?

With so many technical terms that are often used interchangeably in the telephony world, it can be extremely confusing and difficult to differentiate them. This is particularly tricky with the terms “SIP” and “VoIP.” For example, SIP phones are no different from VoIP phones; these are simply two different terms for telephone systems that use the Internet as the means of communication. So, while both support Internet telephony and utilize the Internet to connect calls, SIP VoIP service is actually the process of SIP supporting VoIP.

What Does VoIP Do?

In SIP VoIP services, VoIP’s job is to essentially make phone calls over the Internet. VoIP incorporates a group of protocol technologies to function and is used in conjunction with an application (such as Skype) with an IP-enabled PBX.

What Is The Importance Of Protocol?

The protocol technologies SIP VoIP services encompass is a system of digital rules for message exchange between phones.

How Does SIP Support VoIP For SIP VoIP Service?

VoIP utilizes a group of protocol technologies and SIP is a communications protocol to manage multimedia communications sessions. So, SIP is a specific protocol that enables VoIP for SIP VoIP services. SIP defines messages that are sent between two users, administers establishment and termination and transmits information. SIP also has the capability of managing video conferencing and instant messaging.

SIP VoIP Service

Now it can be understood that SIP is the standard method in the industry used to achieve VoIP. Without SIP, VoIP would not be functional. These two methods work together to bring communication through utilization of the Internet.

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