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SIP Phones

What Are SIP Phones?

SIP phones are technically the same as VoIP phones. There are two different kinds of SIP phones: hardware based and software based. Hardware-based SIP phones look very similar to a common telephone. However, these SIP phones utilize hardware inside to receive and make calls using the Internet, as opposed to the traditional communications system. Software-based phones, on the other hand, allow any computer to be used as a telephone, as long as there is equipment available to hear and be heard by callers, which is usually a headset. Additionally, there must be a broadband connection and connection to a VoIP provider to function. Software SIP phones can also be used via smartphones. These SIP phones use VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, technologies to make calls over an IP Network.

What Is VoIP for SIP Phones?

VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, is a system that has taken this Internet revolution to the telecommunication sector. SIP phones utilize VoIP to essentially allow the Internet to be the medium by which phone calls are made. Put simply, VoIP is phone service over the Internet. Calls may be made solely to other SIP phone users of the same service, or any phone number, depending on the service used. While some services’ connections work over a computer or special SIP phone alone, other services make it possible to use traditional phones by simply connecting to a VoIP adapter.

How VoIP Works for SIP Phones

VoIP has the abstract job of converting voice into a digital system that travels through the Internet. So, if an SIP VoIP user is calling a regular phone number, the calling signal is converted to a regular phone signal in order to connect.

What You Need to Connect

There are very few things you need to get connected to VoIP with an SIP phone. These requirements include:

  • Broadband internet, either through a cable modem, DSL or local service
  • Your SIP phone

SIP phones connect directly into the broadband Internet connection and operate, for the most part, like a normal phone.

Advantages of VoIP for SIP Phones

A major benefit of using VoIP for SIP phones is that, depending on the service, there may be no additional costs to make phone calls beyond the fee of your Internet provider. In most cases, you can also use your computer while using the SIP phone. SIP phones provide small- and medium-sized businesses with PBX capabilities, sometimes allowing them to use the services anywhere that has an Internet connection.

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