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There are a multitude of advantages of using Fortinet as your IP phone system provider and FortiVoice as its IP PBX phone management software. Fortinet FortiFone models have advanced features, yet they are extraordinarily easy to navigate and operate. With the highest quality audio, you’ll never have to worry about missing an important conversation with a client because of a poor connection. The needs of any office, large or small, are covered with Fortinet phone options like FortiFone. This Fortinet phone is easy to operate for any use, whether basic or advanced. In fact, installation is made exceptionally easy with Fortinet phones, as they automatically configure themselves. So, tech genius or not, installation will be a piece of cake. Even better? The Fortinet FortiFone plugs into your existing computer network so you can avoid running telephone wiring to each desk in the building. So say, “Goodbye” to that mess of wires behind your desk!

How Many Fortinet FortiFone Models Are There?

There are currently four models of Fortinet FortiFones, and all have exceptional features and quality. These models, from most basic to advanced, include:

  • FON-260i – Comes with four programmable keys
  • FON-360i – Comes with up to six line appearances and headset support
  • FON-460i – Comes with up to 34 line appearances and headset support
  • FON-560i – Comes with up to 46 line appearances and headset support

Each of these Fortinet phones features auto-discovery of FortiVoice system on LAN, making installation easy.

What Is FortiVoice, and How Does It Relate to FortiFones?

We know we’ve been throwing the “Forti” prefix around a lot, so allow us to explain. FortiVoice is management software for IP PBX phone systems. FortiVoice essentially acts as a virtual, customizable operator for your telephone system.

What Are FortiFone’s Features?

Although the models vary slightly, the features of these Fortinet phone solutions are impressive across the board. Even the most basic features, such as high-quality speakerphone and adjustable display angle, were considered and built for your satisfaction and convenience. The Fortinet FortiFone’s large, vibrant LED light keys can be customized to create the ideal phone system that fits you. Once you have customized your phone keys, labels can easily be printed through FortiVoice.

How Do FortiFones Integrate with FortiVoice?

The FortiFone system is integrated with the FortiVoice service. This integration gives you total control of your business telephone communications. FortiVoice telecommunication systems and phones essentially deliver anything you need to handle calls professionally, reduce communication costs and stay connected regardless of location. FortiVoice also allows for power over Ethernet capability, or PoE, with FortiFones. PoE is the technology that allows network cables to also be the primary source of power. So, while a standard telephone would need both a network cable and a power cable, PoE allows the FortiFones to use only one cable that both connects to the network and supplies power.

Other advantages of these FortiFones and their integration with FortiVoice include group paging and the ability to plug your FortiFone in anywhere with it still functioning like your extension in the office. For teleworkers or employees who work between the office and home, this is a perfect solution. Further, FortiVoice has won several awards of excellence, including the 2012 Communications Solutions Product of the Year and The 2013 Internet Telephony Excellence Award.

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