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Virtual PBX

There are several PBX systems to choose from. While the general purpose of all PBX systems is the same, the necessary functions for each individual business will vary. A virtual PBX system does not require hardware at your location and manages your entire phone system. But before delving into the multiple benefits of virtual PBX technology, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what a PBX system is.

What is a Virtual PBX System?

A virtual PBX (private branch exchange) system is a software-based telephone system that routes incoming calls to multiple departments or employees through one network of phone lines. Essentially, a virtual PBX system acts as an automated answering service and call director, using existing phones and Internet enabled voice-over IP (VoIP) phones. The answering service provides routing options for incoming callers through an auto attendant of interactive voice response. This system is best suited for very small offices and businesses.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Virtual PBX?

Here at ProTel, we highly recommend the use of virtual PBX technology where appropriate. Some of the most notable benefits of virtual PBX include:

  • Installation of a virtual PBX system is easy since there is very little equipment and maintenance needed.
  • Free and unlimited calling and faxing; it can utilize the Internet as the network.
  • Voice and data information on one network.
  • Most affordable phone system solution for businesses.
  • Recommended for small offices due to affordability and some limitations.
  • Works with any VoIP, SIP compliant IP phone, analog phone or soft phone.

Generally speaking, virtual PBX systems tend to help businesses save money in the long run due in part to the fact that there is no need to purchase hardware.

What You Need to Get Virtual PBX

Because a virtual PBX system works with any existing phones or VoIP phones, all you need is a broadband Internet connection and a virtual PBX VoIP enabled phone.

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