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Hosted PBX

2A hosted PBX system uses the term “hosted” to refer to the utilization of the Internet in its phone management. These PBX systems utilize the internet to act as a phone management system for businesses looking for sophistication and ease.

What Is Hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX system provides businesses with a sophisticated communications system without the commitment and maintenance of equipment. Essentially, a hosted PBX system is a network that encompasses a multitude of extensions for the divisions within a business. These extensions are not limited to the office’s landlines—in fact, employees’ personal phones could be added to the system so incoming calls can reach them if they work from home or travel often. With only one number for callers to use, a hosted PBX system is particularly simple for small-to-medium-sized offices since hosting is achieved through the service provider. In fact, the entire telephone system itself is operated and maintained by the VoIP service provider. Installation is easy, as the hosted PBX can work with existing telephone services.

What Are the Functions of a Hosted PBX System?

Similar to hardware PBX, a hosted PBX is installed at the business location. However, as a hosted PBX customer, you do not need to buy, install or maintain any equipment. Instead, the service provider who shares access to the system among users keeps the equipment. The functions provided by a hosted PBX system include:

  • One telephone number for the entire business or office with multiple extensions connecting to employees and departments.
  • Businesses can create a custom greeting for incoming calls for more personalized, professional exemplification.
  • Provides an option of a menu for incoming calls.
  • Includes a directory of employee extensions.
  • The option of automatic call distribution (ACD) to evenly distribute the destination of incoming calls through available departments.
  • For callers waiting to speak to an employee, there is the option of music or a message while on hold.
  • Voice messaging is available for departments, employees and the entire business.
  • Employees are able to transfer calls to any other line, regardless of physical location.
  • A conference call function is available, connecting multiple calls to one line.
  • Business owners will have records of all incoming calls.

Is a Hosted PBX System Right for You?

The professionals here at ProTel absolutely recommend a hosted PBX system for owners of small-to-medium-sized business in order to save money and increase business functionality and sophistication. Contact us here to learn more about your options regarding hosted PBX systems.