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Cloud PBX

What Is The Cloud?

We hear the term pretty often these days. Our music, photos and paperless documents are now typically stored in the mysterious “cloud” as opposed to a physical device, such as an external hardware. But this concept and term isn’t exclusive to storage. Cloud-based solutions have translated over to communication services, including email and telecommunications. We see this concept in our new PBX systems, including virtual, hosted, IP and cloud PBX. These terms and services all function around the same idea of hardware-free servicing. Essentially, subscribers no longer need to purchase bulky, expensive hardware to service and manage their telecommunication systems. Not only is it easier and more cost effective, but cloud PBX technology also allows for more flexibility.

What Makes Cloud PBX Different from Hosted PBX Systems?

The differences among virtual, hosted, IP and cloud PBX systems are somewhat unclear and slight. In fact, many people use the names for these systems interchangeably. There are, however, a few notable differences between cloud PBX and hosted PBX systems.

While both are made available to outside users in remote locations, with cloud PBX services, there is a greater possibility of customization capability along with a high level of scalability due to better connectivity. There is, however, more of a question of reliability with cloud PBX systems during increased usage. There may be more of a chance of the system failing during usage spikes than with a hosted PBX.

Which to Choose

Because neither requires hardware, hosted and cloud PBX are comparable in price. And aside from the differences listed above, their overall similarities can make it hard to tell the two systems apart. It could be noted, however, that a cloud PBX system would work well for businesses that do not thrive on telecommunication but still want an efficient system. For businesses with a larger amount of phone traffic, it may be safer or more reliable to use a hosted PBX for in the event of high volume traffic. Upgrading to any of these software-based systems is a smart move for your business.

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