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The Revolution of the Internet

The Internet has revolutionized how we do just about everything. Even now, you are reading a piece of writing on a screen, accessible at any time through the wonder that is the Internet. How cool is that? With this in mind, it’s easy to believe the Internet had a huge impact on the way our society utilizes telecommunication, especially as far as our fast-paced business world is concerned.

In today’s commercial landscape, VoIP business phone service provides an even more efficient means of communicating. But what does VoIP business phone encompass, anyhow?

What Is VoIP?

VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, is a system that has taken this Internet revolution to the telecommunication sector. VoIP essentially allows the Internet to be the medium by which phone calls are made. Put simply, VoIP is phone service over the Internet. Calls may be made solely to other users of the same service or any phone number for that matter, depending on the service used. While some services’ connections work over a computer or special VoIP phone alone, other services make it possible to use traditional phones by simply connecting to a VoIP adapter.

How VoIP Works

VoIP has the abstract job of converting voice into a digital system that travels through the Internet. So, if a VoIP user is calling a regular phone number, the calling signal is converted to a regular phone signal in order to connect. For personal computers or phones with adapters, the VoIP service may be utilized in a public Wi-Fi area if a connection is made to the Internet.

What You Need to Connect with a VoIP Business Phone Service

There are very few things you need to get connected with VoIP business phone service. These requirements include:

  • Broadband Internet, either through a cable modem, DSL or local service.
  • A computer, adapter or VoIP phone.
  • If using a computer for calls, the computer must be equipped with appropriate VoIP software and a microphone.

Special VoIP phones connect directly into the broadband Internet connection and operate, for the most part, like a normal phone.

Advantages of VoIP

A major benefit of using VoIP business phone service is that, depending on the service, there may be no additional costs to make phone calls beyond your Internet provider’s fee. In most cases, you can also use your computer while using the phone. VoIP business phone service provides small- and medium-sized businesses with PBX capabilities, sometimes allowing you to use the services anywhere with Internet connection. Also, unless you are making calls from your computer, the computer does not need to be turned on to work; as long as the internet is connected, the service should be available and functioning.

Contact ProTel for Assistance with VoIP

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