Phone Systems

Phone Systems

With the revolution of the Internet and technology, phone systems have advanced exponentially in their practicality, function and usability. Here at ProTel, we compiled the most trusted phone systems—from PBX systems to network security to the actual phones—in order to boost sophistication and productivity for our clients. Our phone systems include:

PBX Phone Systems

PBX systems are now available and affordable for even the smallest of businesses. PBX systems automatically answer incoming calls and route them to the correct extension. PBX systems can now sync with broadband Internet to utilize messaging and calling using voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP). Further, personal phones and landlines can both be synced to the system so employees who travel can be reached through the business’s main number.

Business VoIP

VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) is a system that has taken the Internet revolution to the telecommunication sector. Put simply, VoIP is phone service over the Internet. VoIP has the abstract job of converting voice into a digital system that travels through the Internet. So, if a VoIP user is calling a regular phone number, the calling signal is converted to a regular phone signal in order to connect. While some services’ connections work over a computer or special VoIP phone alone, other services make it possible to use traditional phones by simply connecting to a VoIP adapter.


Fortinet is a leader in the telecommunications industry, manufacturing a multitude of trusted phone systems. Fortinet continues to be the prominent leader in network security, which is why it is the only network security provider we trust. As a provider of network security appliances, Fortinet’s primary concern is simplifying and securing IT infrastructures for clients.


With the rise of high-tech gadgets, it’s sometimes difficult to remember just how important the good old-fashioned telephone is. We depend on our phones to have a clear connection in order to hear and be heard. With a low-quality telephone, calls may be dropped at any time, causing you to lose precious business and make your company look less than sophisticated. At ProTel, we only offer the most high quality phone systems for you and your company. Each phone system has different functions and ensured quality that you can depend on.

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