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Network Engineering

What Is Network Engineering?

One of our many IT services at ProTel is network engineering. The primary job of this service is to design and implement networks. As network engineers, we configure appropriate data communication components to meet the users’ needs. With a focus on design and planning, network engineers construct a reliable network, integrating LAN, WAN, Internet and intranet components.

What Is The Primary Goal Of Network Engineering?

Through network modeling and analysis, it is our primary goal as network engineers to ensure the integrity of your network, which includes usability and functionality. Essentially, network engineering is focused on the maximum performance of a network for its users. The specific networks that network engineers work with may include:

  • Computer
  • Voice
  • Firewall


There are many specific networks that network engineers can work with. LANs, or local area networks, are connected to a specific area. This can include a home or an office. A metropolitan area network (MAN) links to a larger area, such as a college campus. Wide area networks (WAN) are connected on a much larger scale—nationally or internationally. WLAN, on the other hand, is a wireless local area network. A global area network (GAN) combines all networks with satellite mobile-communication technologies. Some other networks include:

  • SAN
    Small area network
  • CAN
    Cluster area network
  • PAN
    Personal area network
  • DAN
    Desk area network
  • VoIP
    Voice over Internet protocol network

Other Terms For Network Engineers

You may have heard other terms for network engineers. Some of these terms may have included:

  • Network support
  • Support engineer
  • IT support engineer
  • Helpdesk support
  • Network administrator
  • First-line support
  • Second-line support
  • Security engineer
  • VoIP engineer
  • Cisco engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Systems support engineer

The jobs or tasks of network engineers are determined by the company or business they work for. While one business may utilize our services for a very specific task within their network, other businesses may use our network engineering on a very broad spectrum.

Tasks Of Network Engineering

There are many jobs and tasks network engineers are responsible for. At ProTel, just a few of our network engineering tasks include:

  • Designing system configuration
  • Directing system installation
  • Defining, documenting and enforcing system standards
  • Designing and implementing new solutions for the network
  • Monitoring performance
  • Scheduling upgrades
  • Securing networks
  • Supporting and administering firewall
  • Upgrading data network equipment
  • Configuring routing equipment
  • Configuring hosted IP voice services
  • Firewall configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communication with the client

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