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Managed Services

What Are Managed Services?

In the IT world, managed services refer to a third party that monitors and oversees all information technology operations, called a managed service provider. At ProTel, and other managed service provider groups, our primary job is to take on the responsibility of monitoring these information technology operations 24 hours a day, along with IT management and problem resolution.

What Are the Primary Goals of Managed Service Providers?

Managed service providers, such as ourselves, work toward the goal of stopping an IT risk before it affects the business. We are alerted if anything on a business network will result in a risk, and each alert is addressed immediately.

Why Should a Small or Medium Business Use Managed Services?

Smaller companies deserve the same protection and management as large businesses. With managed services, smaller businesses can utilize the same important technology that bigger businesses use to operate at a higher level and compete with other companies. We understand running a business is time consuming and filled with millions of responsibilities. Keeping up with backups and maintenance of your network can be extremely challenging; yet, falling behind on these routine operations greatly increases your chances of an IT outage, which will directly impact your business.

Benefits of Managed Services

While these management and maintenance operations are vastly important to the upkeep of your network, you do not have to do it yourself. With managed service providers, risks with your information technologies are discovered and fixed before they ever become a problem that affects your business. Beyond this, your network will run faster and smoother altogether. Not to mention, your costs will be greatly reduced in the long run since maintenance costs much less than replacements and quick fixes.

With 24-hour monitoring, your network will never face an unforeseen or unexpected threat. And finally, with managed services, providers also manage vendor relationships so you don’t have to. Any issues with slow Internet or Internet outages, phones, printers or websites are all dealt with by the managed service provider. So you have extra protection, monitoring and time—with less overall stress.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding managed services in general, or if you are interested in taking advantage of ProTel’s managed services for your business, please feel free to contact us here. We will happily discuss managed services and how they apply to your business, as well as recommend options that suit your situation best.