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Fortinet Web Filtering

What Is a Web Filter?

The most common form of web filtering can be seen at home with parental controls. An adult, who owns the computers and televisions in a home, blocks any websites, channels, keywords or content he or she finds inappropriate to be viewed by a child. While web filters for a business are a little more sophisticated on several accounts, the general idea is the same. Largely speaking, a web filter is a program that screens all incoming webpages. The business or user who installed the web filter defines a set of appropriate and non-appropriate guidelines for web content within the business. The web filter then analyzes these inbound webpages and determines, based on those set rules, whether the content or origin is acceptable for viewing. Beyond the seeming censorship, a major benefit of web filtering is network security.

Should You Consider a Web Filter?

In the corporate world, utilizing a web filter could benefit and protect you on many different levels. At the most basic level, blocking websites and content will prevent employee browsing and encourage a more productive workplace. Beyond this, if an employee visits a webpage with objectionable content for any reason, your business could then be liable. But web filtering is about so much more than this. With more advanced hackers and theft crime occurring in today’s society, your network can be vulnerable without a web filter. With Fortinet web filtering, incoming scams or virus-filled sites will be blocked to keep your assets safe.

Fortinet Web Filtering Technology

With Fortinet web filtering technology, you are in control. As the business owner, you can explicitly allow in certain sites that you permit as well as filter out content you don’t. You are also given the option of receiving updates from Fortiguard web filtering services to determine immediately the categorization and rating of specific URLs. Fortinet web filtering technology is also user friendly, so you can easily add sites to the URL filtering list. You don’t need to be a tech genius to control your network—and you shouldn’t have to be!

The More Technical Information

Fortinet goes a few steps further with its filtering services by also allowing it to operate in conjunction with other Fortinet security functions. Fortinet web filtering alone enables a multitude of actions to inspect, rate and control your web traffic at a very basic level. Beyond this, however, Fortinet web filtering via FortiGate accelerates web traffic and content inspection through support from Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP), which allows FortiGate to operate as a router or cache engine. With FortiGate acting as a router, it intercepts web-browsing requests from client web browsers. This request is forwarded back to the router that then returns the web content to the client according to whether or not it is acceptable for viewing. And while this sounds like a slow process, Fortinet only offers services that are exceptionally fast and efficient.

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