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What Is VPN?

Before delving into Fortinet VPN offerings, let’s discuss what your everyday VPN is. Put simply, a VPN is a network. To be more specific, VPN is short for “virtual private network.” So, what makes this network private, and what is it used for? Well, a VPN functions by using the Internet, or other public wires, in order to connect to a private network. In other words, a VPN is like a tunnel that fuses a private network (such as a company’s internal network) with a remote user. This connection between a user and a larger network through a VPN utilizes the Internet as a means of transporting data. However, this data is transported securely by using encryption so only the authorized users can access the network.

How Do VPNs Stay Secure?

Security is always of utmost concern when it comes to a company’s network. A VPN, however, is designed to be a secure and encrypted tunnel between the two networks. The tunnel transmits data between the larger host network and the remote user. For the most secure VPN, there will be a firewall between this larger network and user. In order for the remote user to use the network, authentication will have to be established. And finally, encryption ensures protection from a data breach, as all data sent from one computer is encrypted in a way that only the computer receiving the data can decrypt.

Why Businesses Use Corporate VPN Communications

Companies use VPNs to communicate with ensured security over a public network for voice, video and data. A VPN is particularly useful for remote workers and companies with global offices, as VPNs allow them to securely share data, regardless of location.

Consumer VPN

The use of VPNs stretches beyond the business world. Consumers commonly use these VPN tunnels to protect their identities. Again, encryption of Internet traffic and data protects the user through an anonymous VPN service. Identity is not the only area of theft at risk when a user’s network isn’t secure; a consumer is also protecting data with a VPN, which also provides security when using Wi-Fi hotspots.

What Fortinet VPN Offers

Fortinet, along with us at ProTel, recognize the overwhelming risk when it comes to your communication security. For this reason, we offer Fortinet VPN solutions, including their IPsec and SSL systems. To ensure privacy and security between multiple networks, Fortinet offers IPSec and secure sockets layer (SSL) protocols. These systems were designed to increase security while maintaining a high speed during encryption, decryption and general traffic within your network. For the best security available, Fortinet utilizes multiple threat inspections including intrusion prevention, antivirus, application control and email and web filtering.

Why Fortinet VPN Solutions May Be Best for You

The IPSec and SSL VPN technologies work hand-in-hand with other Fortinet security features for optimal security for your networks. Your security will be increased without compromising the speed of your network.

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