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Support to Maintain Your Protection System

Protecting your network with Fortinet ensures its safety and functionality. In order to maintain this high level of protection to keep it performing optimally, there are quite a few Fortinet support resources through FortiCare systems. From very small business owners with small networks to large businesses with mission critical networks (mission critical networks refer to business operations that would fail if their networks were compromised), there is Fortinet support designed to help your system stay secure.

What Is FortiCare?

FortiCare is a collection of several Fortinet support offerings. These support packages are offered to global customers to ensure that their Fortinet security products are functioning to their highest potential in order to protect your business’s resources. As a user of Fortinet, you will be offered several FortiCare agreements in order to find one that fits your personal needs. These care services and their benefits include:

FortiCare 24X7 Comprehensive Support

This level of Fortinet support offers:

  • Around-the-clock access to mission critical services (mission critical refers to a cease in operations within your business if your software were to fail)
  • Online ticket access
  • Online chat
  • Telephone support access 24-hours a day
  • Advanced exchange hardware replacement
FortiCare 8X5 Enhanced Support

This level of Fortinet support offers:

  • Support during local business hours
  • Telephone support services
  • Customer web portal support services
  • Online chat

Further, advanced exchange hardware replacement may be available as well.

FortiCare Premium Services

This level of Fortinet support offers:

  • Additional level of personalized support
  • Designed for users with mission critical networks
  • Highly skilled technical account manager designated as personal contact for issued regarding support
  • Technical account manager forms understanding of your network and business
  • Customized escalation matrices
  • Expedient problem solving
  • Technical account manager will provide preventative recommendations to avoid technical problems in the future
  • Enhanced service level agreements
  • Extended software support
  • Priority escalation for critical issues
  • Weekly and quality review meetings
  • Online visits
  • Direct access to three technical managers

Premium Fortinet support has two packages to choose from:

  • Premium Support Gold – This premium level of Fortinet support provides access to a technical account manager, who will be available during your business hours.
  • Premium Support Global Gold – This advanced level of Fortinet support provides access to three technical account managers in different time zones.

Depend on the Pros at ProTel for Assistance

Beyond these support solutions, Fortinet’s website provides countless answers to potential questions or concerns on their support page. For further questions, you can contact their support center at (866) 868-3678.

The professionals here at ProTel are also happy to help you decide which FortiCare system will work the best for you and your business. Because we work together with Fortinet, we may be able to answer your questions ourselves. Just contact us today.