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Who is Fortinet?

When it comes to protecting your network security, the professionals here at ProTel use and recommend Fortinet. Fortinet is an innovator in the network security industry, manufacturing a multitude of trusted systems. As of April 2015, Fortinet shipped more than 1.9 million appliances to more than 225,000 customers worldwide, including the majority of Fortune Global 100. After being incorporated in 2000 in Delaware, Fortinet’s principle headquarters is now located in Sunnyvale, California with offices around the world. Fortinet continues to be the prominent leader in network security, which is why it is the only network security provider we trust.

What Does Fortinet Do?

As a provider of network security appliances, Fortinet’s primary concern is simplifying and securing IT infrastructures for our clients. Fortinet’s solution effectiveness has been praised and validated worldwide by truly independent test firms—like NSS Labs—along with the media, industry analysts and many, many businesses. When it comes to protecting our customer’s network security, we trust no one more than Fortinet as a market leader in Next Gen Firewall and UTM network security solutions to provide broad integrated and high performance protection against the latest threats.

Security Solutions We Offer from Fortinet

ProTel offers several security solutions for your networking from Fortinet. These include:

Fortinet Support

Protecting your network with Fortinet ensures its safety and functionality. In order to maintain this high level of protection to keep it performing optimally, there are quite a few Fortinet support resources through FortiCare systems.

FortiGate Firewall

FortiGate Firewall is Fortinet’s top integrated network security solution and something we highly recommend here at ProTel for your company’s security. Like most telecommunication systems, this Fortinet firewall solution is available as a physical appliance or as a virtual appliance.

Fortinet VPN

Fortinet VPN is a network, specifically a virtual private network. A VPN functions by using the Internet, or other public wires, to connect to a private network. In other words, a VPN is like a tunnel that fuses a private network with a remote user.

Fortinet Web Filtering

A web filter analyzes inbound webpages and determines, based on specified set rules, whether the content or origin is acceptable for viewing. Beyond the seeming censorship, a major benefit of web filtering is network security.

Contact ProTel Today for Fortinet Solutions

Contact the professionals here at ProTel today to discuss your Fortinet security solution options. And if you love Fortinet’s services as much as we do, we highly recommend their business phones, which we also offer here at ProTel. Take a look!