IT Services

IT Services

What Is IT, Anyway?

We hear the term “IT services” a lot, but what does IT really mean? IT, or information technology, refers to computing and communications advancements used for data management—in other words, the way we collect, process, save and distribute information.

So the term “IT” really covers a lot of ground, from web technology and PBX Systems to computer software and programming. Generally speaking, these are all services that exist to assist companies and businesses with running more efficient operations. All of these services, or information technologies, are intended to reduce costs and improve productivity and performance.

Our IT Services

With all of these tricky information technologies, it can be extremely confusing and challenging to navigate alone. Even the most technologically savvy business owners will stumble upon an operational question or concern. For these instances, ProTel offers some of the most trusted IT services available in North Texas. These services can be broken down into five parts:

Network Security

Network security is an IT service comprised of policies created by a network administrator with the goal of preventing and monitoring unauthorized access and use of a computer network.

Managed Services

Managed IT services refer to a third party that monitors and oversees all information technology operations. Our primary job is to take on the responsibility of monitoring these information technology operations 24 hours a day.

Cloud and Onsite Backups

Backing up your data is  very important. Whether you prefer an onsite backup or a cloud solution we can help!

Network Engineering

The primary purpose of this IT service is to design and implement networks. As network engineers, we configure appropriate data communication components to meet the users’ needs.

IT Helpdesk Services

Here at ProTel, our goal with these particular IT services is to serve as a single point of contact to give guidance and troubleshoot products for all clients.

For remote support:

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If you have questions or concerns about ProTel’s IT services, please contact us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in any way we can!